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Remove welding grooves without using chemicals

Remove Surfaces with CO2 mix with 1-10% Abrasive material

CO2 Dry ice blasting

Dry Ice Pellets blaster system, is an environmentally friendly way to clean without damage the surface. The cleaning method has been used since 1980 and it is still new at the marked. The system is the most gently way to clean. If the surface dirt are new, the dry ice cleaning is easy to clean. If the surface dirt has been on the surface an longer time, it sometime can take a bit longer to reach the goal.

To understand the cleaning system, you has to understand the process about the CO2. The CO2 has in the process where the CO2 snow where press together before it where made as pellets size 1,7 – 16 mm. The CO2 is used to cool in the food industries, but the pellets 1,7 – 3 mm is used in the cleaning process. The pellets is -78,8°C, therefor when the coolnes meet the surfaces in a high speed pressure on a surface with 15 – 25°C there will be made an kinetic energy or energy movement, that mean the dirt will be bloven away from the surface.

Hard surfaces

Because og the gently cleaning way, the CO2 blasting cannot move all kind of dirt in the surfaces. To clean a hardness surface, we recommended to Use the CO2 Mix system TM33 that are convertible with all dry ice blaster. The system will be to a two hose system. One line with CO2 Pellets and second line with abrasive product (1-10%)

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